We The People Of Arab Ancestry In The U S

Author: Angela Brittingham
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An additional 340,000 people reported an Arab and a non-Arab ancestry. The text and figures here focus on the group who reported only Arab ancestries. Charts and tables.

The Arab American Handbook

Author: Nawar Shora
Publisher: Cune Press
ISBN: 9781885942470
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A Guide to the Arab, Arab-American & Muslim Worlds Nawar Shora. 74 Shaheen,
Jack G., Reel Bad Arabs, 2001, ... 87 Id. 88 "We the People of Arab Ancestry," US
Census Bureau, March 2005. (Note: Although the census found an estimated 1 ...

Sociology A Global Perspective

Author: Joan Ferrante
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It is interesting to note that the U.S. government classifies people of Middle
Eastern and Arab ancestry as “white” (Samhan 1997). ... We might also ask why
the Census Bureau's report on the “Arab” population in the United States was


Author: Joan Ferrante-Wallace
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Are People of Arab or Middle Eastern Descent "White"? When we think about the
context of racial classification, it is interesting to note that in the United States
people of Middle Eastern and Arab ancestry are classified as "white" (Samhan ...

Arab American Faces And Voices

Author: Elizabeth Boosahda
Publisher: University of Texas Press
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... anecdotal, sociohistorical documentation of an ethnic group that migrated to
the United States from 1880 to 1915 was compiled from taped interviews by the
author with nearly 200 people — usually naturalized Americans of Arab ancestry
(Syrian, Lebanese, and Palestinian). ... We spoke English interspersed with
colorful and meaningful Arabic phrases that are still used by many of their

The Coming Of The Arabic Speaking People To The United States

Author: Adele L. Younis
Publisher: Center Migration Studies
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Is it a person who participates in the community's institutional life as opposed to
an American of Arab ancestry who ... Is there any documented consensus here
as to what the issues are and how “we," the Arab-American public, should react?

Immigrant And Minority Entrepreneurship

Author: John Sibley Butler
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
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In a volatile economy, with many large companies laying off people, Arab
Americans — who often are entrepreneurs or ... Methodology and Operational
Definitions We make a distinction in our analysis between Arab American and ...
Arab Americans claim membership in Arab ethnic groups or have an Arab

Social Forces

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Two other identities we code - Arab and lranian - are available from the ancestry
question or from the place of birth question, which ... We also exclude African
Americans and American lndians because both of these groups have very low
rates of immigration. ... is difficult due to sample size constraints; thus, most
research uses the ancestry question and/or place of birth to identify people of
Arab descent.

Who We Are Now

Author: Sam Roberts
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There havealso been smaller, butsignificant additionsto the American mosaic. A
total of thirtythree ancestry groups reported populations of over one million each,
among them Arabs. The 2000 census found1.2 million people of Arabancestryin

Ethnically Motivated Violence Against Arab Americans

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Criminal Justice
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July 16, 1986 United States. ... I guess I'm very concerned about what is
happening to my own ethnic group today, but, more importantly, we know from
the past what happens ... same kind of targeting in the past and even today — but
in this case the same kind of negative attitudes toward people who are of Arab