The Other Slavery

Author: Andrés Reséndez
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0544602676
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Yet, as Andrés Reséndez illuminates in his myth-shattering The Other Slavery, it was practiced for centuries as an open secret.

Archeology At Harmony Hall

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Was the phrase "Negroes and other Slaves" referring to African-Americans who
were both slave and free or to African-American slaves and white indentured
servants and even American Indian slaves? ... While the document uncovered is
not directly related to the questions posed here about the Harmony Hall property,
it stands as a clear example of how precious documents hidden deep in the
historical record can bring ... Returning to the story of the Tyler ownership of
Battersea, 12.

Arkansas Review

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Before contact, indigenous slavery in North America centered around the capture
of war captives who might eventually be adopted as ... Europeans however
wanted Indian slaves like their African slaves to be workers not future members of
the family. ... James Brooks and Juliana Barr furthermore have uncovered the
stories of numerous Plains and southwestern native women who as captives
were ... The other woman, who was the first to go with Celadon, met a more tragic

Hard Road To Freedom

Author: James Oliver Horton
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The Story of African America James Oliver Horton ... Word soon reached the
governor, state forces were assembled, and within a few days scores of slaves
were arrested. ... For years after Gabriel's defeat other slaves in other parts of
Virginia remained ready to revolt, and authorities uncovered a number of
conspiracies, ... Congress responded in 1803 with regulations restricting West
Indian immigration.

Keepers Of The Animals

Author: Michael J. Caduto
Publisher: Fulcrum Pub
ISBN: 9781555911072
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Native American Stories and Wildlife Activities for Children Michael J. Caduto,
Joseph Bruchac ... Whatever the case may be, the archaeological evidence
being uncovered by scientists continues to indicate human habitation in North
America at ... By the recorded coming of the first Europeans, Native peoples
could be found from one end of the Americas to the other. ... in the late 1 500s as
a result of contact with European ships that came there to trade and to steal
people as slaves.

Slaves Of The Dust

Author: Sophie Wenzel Ellis
Publisher: eStar Books
ISBN: 1612100198
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cried the Indian, pointing to the kicking rat, which was fast gaining strength. ...
Hale uncovered his face. ... Another bottle fell, and, suddenly, amid a thunderous
roar, the ceiling and walls began falling. ... Ellis (1893-1984) was an American
science fiction writer Editors Note Please note that the illustration in this story was

America Past And Present

Author: Robert A. Divine
Publisher: Longman
ISBN: 9780321365729
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Underground Railroad A network of safe houses organized by abolitionists (
usually free blacks) to aid slaves in their attempts to escape ... South Carolina,
uncovered an extensive and well-planned conspiracy, organized by a free black
man named Denmark Vesey, ... Many of the blacks eventually accompanied their
Indian allies to the trans-Mississippi West. ... Other stories — which were not told
in front of whites — openly portrayed the slave as a clever trickster outwitting the

Red White And Black Make Blue

Author: Andrea Feeser
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820345539
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In Red, White, and Black Make Blue, Andrea Feeser tells the stories of all the peoples who made indigo a key part of the colonial South Carolina experience as she explores indigo's relationships to land use, slave labor, textile production ...

The Comanche Empire

Author: Pekka Hamalainen (Hämäläinen)
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300145137
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idea of a Comanche barrier leaves out at least half of the story. ... once more, this
time as a hegemonic people who grew increasingly powerful and prosperous at
the expense of the surrounding societies, Indian and Euro-American alike.

Mid America Folklore

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And the origins of many of the names presented here (uncovered in oral history
interviews) reveal all too vividly a ... Another is the naming of Merom, actually a
biblical name, but popularly attributed to an alcoholic Indian who demanded, "Me
, Rum!" (p. 1 1). The objectification of minorities revealed by these stories is not
always negative; its flip side is romantic fantasy. ... Contrary to the dominant view
among West Indian historians that slaves were unable to sustain viable linguistic