The Japanese Community In Pre War Britain

Author: Keiko Itoh
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136856986
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The book discusses the community's involvement in the arts, religion and sport; intermarriage; and the second generation, and concludes by considering the impact of deteriorating relations in the 1930s and of the Second World War.

Oral History

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INTEGRATION TO DISINTEGRATION Keiko Itoh Richmond, Surrey: Curzon,
2001, 230pp, hardback, £60.00. The Japanese in Britain have very often been
seen as 'others', and their own words have rarely been heard despite the large
quantity of research on Japanese products and production systems in the West.
Even when Japanese people have had the opportunity to speak for themselves,
they have still ...

Arts Of Asia

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The First World War inevitably led to a reduction in The Japan Society's activities
but a full programme of lectures was maintained. Many of these continued to be
devoted to aspects of Japanese art and were by well-known experts, including
Laurence Binyon, Edward F. Strange and Henry L. Joly. According to Keiko Itoh {
The Japanese Community in Pre- War Britain: From Integration to Disintegration,
Curzon Press, 2001), "The New Japanese Art Club" was formed in July 1917 and
"a ...

Race War

Author: Gerald Horne
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814744559
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There was earnest concern, on the other hand, that if they mistreated Japanese
Canadians, the Japanese would retaliate against internees in the occupied
territories.4 This was part and parcel of London's difficulty—both before and
during the war—in deciding how those of Japanese ancestry under Britain's
jurisdiction should be treated. The Japanese community in Hong Kong was
relatively small, about twenty-two hundred all told in 1931. However, under
British rule they were ...

Philanthropy And Reconciliation Rebuilding Postwar U S Japan Relations

Author: Tadashi Yamamoto
Publisher: Nihon Kokusai Koryu Center
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Iriye Akira. 1997- Cultural Internationalism and World Order. Baltimore: Johns
Hopkins. . 2oo2a. Global Community: The Role of International Organizations in
the Making of the Contemporary World. Berkeley, C A: UC Berkeley. . 2oo2b. "
Misperception, Mistrust, Fear." In Lundestad, Geir, and Olav Njolstad, eds. War
and Peace in the 2oth Century and Beyond. Singapore: World Scientific. Itoh
Keiko. 2oo1. The Japanese Community in Pre-war Britain: From Integration to

Japan And South East Asia From The Meiji Restoration To 1945

Author: Wolf Mendl
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780415182058
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1880-1 936", Japan Forum 2(1) (1990): 127-145; Hiroshi Shimizu "Evolution of
the Japanese Commercial Community in the Netherlands Indies in the Pre-War
Period (from Karayuki-san to Sogo Shõsha)", Japan Forum 3(1) (1991): 37-56;
Richard ... "Japanese Rubber and Iron Investments in Malaya, 1900-1941",
Journal of South East Asian Studies 5 (1974): 18-36; Nicholas Tarling, " 'A Vital
British Interest': Britain, Japan and the Security of Netherlands India in the Inter-
War Period", ...

Japan Society Proceedings

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Chushi Yamanaka who had a jewellery shop in New Bond Street until the
outbreak of the War told me in Osaka a few years ago that 'Everything is dealt
with in a reasonable way in Britain and therefore I could live there in peace.' In
May l936 a haiku gathering (kukai) was held in Kew Gardens at which leading
members of the Japanese community including such famous General Managers
as Yosaburo Ito of Mitsui. Yoshiya Ariyoshi ofNihon Yusen Kaisha. Hisaakira
Kanoof the ...

The First World War

Author: Hew Strachan
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191608343
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JAPAN ENTERS THE WAR On 1 August, in conformity with its prewar
expectations, the British Foreign Office told the Japanese government that it was
unlikely to invoke Japanese aid. Under the terms of ... In February and March
1913 Sun Yat–sen, the Kuomintang leader, had visited Japan and had been
encouraged in his visions of a pan–Asian community by the outgoing prime
minister, General Katsura Taro, as well as by Japanese nationalists and
businessmen. But the rebellion ...

The Rise Of Modern Business

Author: Mansel G. Blackford
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 146960020X
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Suggested Readings Nakamura Takafusa, Economic Growth in Prewar Japan (
New Haven, 1983), provides an overview of economic changes before World
War II. Mark Fruin, Kikkoman: Company, Clan and Community (Cambridge, Mass
., 1983), Michael Cusumano, The Japanese Automobile Industry: Technology &
Management at Nissan & Toyota (Cambridge, Mass., 1985), and Barbara Molony
, Technology and Investment: The Prewar Japanese Chemical Industry (
Cambridge, ...