The Japanese Community In Pre War Britain

Author: Keiko Itoh
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136856986
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The book discusses the community's involvement in the arts, religion and sport; intermarriage; and the second generation, and concludes by considering the impact of deteriorating relations in the 1930s and of the Second World War.

Oral History

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INTEGRATION TO DISINTEGRATION Keiko Itoh Richmond, Surrey: Curzon,
2001, 230pp, hardback, £60.00. The Japanese in Britain have very often been
seen as ...

Race War

Author: Gerald Horne
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814744559
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The Japanese community in Hong Kong was relatively small, about twenty-two
hundred all told in 1931. However, under British rule they were discriminated
against.5An attempt before the war to have Japanese doctors “admitted to
practice” in ...

My Shanghai 1942 1946

ISBN: 9781898823230
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Partly biographical - the author taking inspiration from her mother's own war experiences in China - My Shanghai, 1942-1946 provides a valuable insight into the Asia Pacific War as never told before, that is through the eyes of a young ...

Arts Of Asia

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The illustrated catalogue of Japanese Old Fine Arts displayed at the Japan-
British Exhibition, London, 1910, lists 296 ... According to Keiko Itoh {The
Japanese Community in Pre- War Britain: From Integration to Disintegration,
Curzon Press, ...

Japan Society Proceedings

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The Japanese community was fortunate not to have experienced such racial
discrimination or prejudice as Markino had experienced in San ... A few years
ago, I interviewed several Japanese ladies who had married British husbands
and stayed here during the Pacific War. ... pre-war Japanese community in Britain

Japan And South East Asia From The Meiji Restoration To 1945

Author: Wolf Mendl
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780415182058
Size: 70.99 MB
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Routledge for permission to reprint Sugihara Kaoru, "Japan as an Engine of the
Asian International Economy, c. 1880-1 936", Japan Forum 2(1) (1990): 127-145;
Hiroshi Shimizu "Evolution of the Japanese Commercial Community in the
Netherlands Indies in the Pre-War Period (from ... 'A Vital British Interest': Britain,
Japan and the Security of Netherlands India in the Inter-War Period", Journal of
South ...

The First World War

Author: Hew Strachan
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191608343
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JAPAN ENTERS THE WAR On 1 August, in conformity with its prewar
expectations, the British Foreign Office told the ... Under the terms of the alliance,
Japan was obliged to help Britain defend its Asiatic possessions against an
unprovoked attack by another power. ... of a pan–Asian community by the
outgoing prime minister, General Katsura Taro, as well as by Japanese
nationalists and businessmen.