Paint By Sticker Kids

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The book includes everything you need to create 10 bright, playful, full-color illustrations--illustrated templates printed on perforated card stock, and 10 pages of stickers to fill in and create the artwork.

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Children S Software And New Media Revue

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Additional cartridges ($10 each) offer multi- player games. ... X you can open just
one picture at a time (you can't cut and paste from one picture to another, or jump
from the painting screen to the slide show, without saving). ... For example, if you
want to make a videotape with iMovie, and create a really fun set of credits, Kid
Pix will let you transform one or all of its animated stickers (with sounds) directly
into iMovie, which can be very handy for the creation of artistic video productions.

The Perfect Party Planner

Author: Oxmoor House
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5^ Make several crepe-paper flowers ahead of time, and place them in a vase as
a colorful centerpiece for the party table. For younger children, make enough
flowers before the party so that each child can take one home as a party favor.
For older children, pre-cut patterns and have materials ... film to a one-hour photo
processing center during the party. Materials: acrylic picture frames, opaque paint
markers, stickers, smocks or aprons to protect party clothes, camera, film
Directions 1.

10 Can Make You Rich

Author: Duane G. Newcomb
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You can create unique or unusual angles for your own business by first taking
your product or service and then theming it into as many new markets as you
wish. Next make a list of from one to ten twists or angles that you can apply to
these themed products. Finally pick the best and put that one into action. Let's say
that you intend to paint T shirts and you decide to design them for the children's
market. Now let's try to come up with ten angles (either product or marketing) that
will make ...

Parents Magazine

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It's a powerful feeling for a child to see that her small efforts are helping to make
the world a nicer place to live, says Deborah Spaide. author of Teaching Your
Kids to Care (Replica Books, 2001 > and founder of the Kids Care Clubs. ... you
can write a message, such as "Feel Better Soon!" Show him how to dip differently
shaped sponges (available at craft stores) into die paint and press onto the fabric.
An older child can draw flowers and happy faces or use stencils to trace designs.
10 ...

Best S Safety Maintenance Directory

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Do not turn on or off electricity, gas, hydraulic pressure, steam or water, or set any
machinery in motion, without first seeing that no one is in a position to be injured
and that the equipment is in proper condition to be operated—with all safety ... 10
. When handling crane cables or other wire ropes, always wear leather palm
gloves to avoid cugs from broken strands. Never grab a moving ca le. A hand
safety program must be well planned and coordinated, and fairly extensive in

Early Years

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Have children locate objects in the classroom, and school building, which contain
a square, circle, rectangle, semi-circle or triangle, they attach the stickers to the
objects Level 2 Materials: Sheets of oaktag or cardboard, 12 " x 18", through
which ... (4) Tracing or Reproducing Shapes Level 1 Materials: Positive and
negative templates of basic shapes; crayons, permanent markers, paint
Procedure: Children use templates to create geometric shapes to be used in
creating figures such as ...

Complete Sourcebook On Children S Software

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Mac OS (CD-ROM) In this creativity/paper doll program, children travel back in
time through an enchanted wardrobe with 12 magic drawers. ... Mac OS (CD-
ROM) An easy to use art and print program designed to let children create
awards, banners, bookmarks, cards, posters, stationery and stickers. ... $34.99.
ages 10-up Runs on: Win 95, Win 3.1 (CD-ROM) A printer utility with 600 pre-
designed page templates that can be printed and cut out (pictures are then glued
onto the paper).