James Joyce Rome And Other Stories

Author: Giuseppe Cafiero
Publisher: Sanbun Publishers
ISBN: 9789380213361
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Chapter 20 In which the cruel and fateful story of Lady Belvedere is unfolded as a
paradigm of Irish history, intertwined with the sufferings of Joyce's father, John-
John, and mother, Mary Jane. Ireland forgotten, abandoned in precipitous flight,
in an act of violence perpetrated, deliberated, paid for, as a contribution to the
sadistic, ruthless murders of the Liffey, as if to expiate lasting, persistent,
canonical sins. Joyce, his memory grown sluggish, wished that the dormant fire
would crackle ...

Alias Grace

Author: Margaret Atwood
Publisher: Piper ebooks
ISBN: 349297743X
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Margaret Atwood hat einen Roman von hypnotischer Spannung geschrieben, der die Geschichte einer realen Gestalt, einer der berüchtigtsten Frauen Kanadas erzählt.

Nelly Nowlan And Other Stories

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her bits of things — ' Marketing' they call it; and as we went along, I thought I had
never seen so many idle men together, barring at a 'Eepale' Meeting, when, what
with one thing and another, the boys were always off their work for a week
anyway, though peaceable and ... Think of that, — and more than that, — Grace
says, though they say they have but eleven shillings a-week, they cau make
eighteen or twenty, and plenty (") 2 TRANSPORTED — FROM IRELAND TO

The Shankill Butchers

Author: Martin Dillon
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415922319
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Not for the squeamish, "The Shankill Butchers" is a horrifyingly detailed account of Lenny Murphy and his reign of terror in Northern Ireland. 21 halftones.

Pennsylvania Biographical Dictionary

Author: Jan Onofrio
Publisher: Somerset Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 0403099501
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with Fear,” “Suspense,” “Cabin B-13,” “The Silent Battle,” and others. The short
story, “Death in the Dressing Room,” was adapted as an episode of the “Murder
Clinic” serial, broadcast in 1942; the book Fire, Burn! was adapted for radio in
1958; and The Hollow Man was adapted and broadcast in 1959. A collection of
Carr's radio scripts is printed in The Dead Sleep Lightly (1983). Several of his
works were made into movies as well, including Man With a Cloak (1951);
Dangerous ...


Author: Paul Williams
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 1844882713
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Badfellas is the story of how Ireland lost its innocence and became a hotbed of gangsterism, murder and mayhem.

St Patrick Apostle Of Ireland

Author: James Henthorn Todd
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... not killed, and says nothing of his mother. chap, n.] His Divine Call to convert
the Irish, 2,77. 1 Sectud captrvity. Still less of a and sojourn in the island* of the
third, which rot* altogether on the Tyrrhene sea. Even Lanigan admits authority of
Probus and of which ' it is exceedingly difficult, and I be- Ussher says, ' non
parum mihi sus- lieve impossible, to arrange correctly pecta est.* Wtrkt, vi. p. 390.
Of either as to chronological order or the other stories here interpolated by
topographical ...

Murders And Mayhem At Salt Creek

Author: Dawn Joy Ralfe
Publisher: Australian Self Publishing Group
ISBN: 0987474685
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Using references and newspapers of the day, I have tried to bring his story closer to the events at isolated Salt Creek, South Australia. This book also briefly covers two other stories.