Call Me Babagbose

Author: Damola Taiwo
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1475986793
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Surprisingly, the drummer asked, “Is it just me or was I dreaming previously?” “I
can't believe these trees, scared of just a lady, can someone grab me my bag and
my drum?” “I can't believe my eyes, No way! I have to run; I need to run out of
here.” However, he was too late to run away. She grabbed the drummer with one
hefty hand. The lonely lady grabbed the drummer and slammed him towards the
trees. For ten seconds, the drummer grew weakly and was speechless. The
lonely ...

A Different Drummer

Author: Herb Wasserman
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595147267
Size: 39.20 MB
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A picture of me with ink-stained hands sitting hour after hour over white lined
paper flashed past my eyes. ME: I, I, I, oh, no, I couldn't possibly do that. It would
waste hours of my life; look, I just did it one hundred times and that did no good,
what would a thousand. . .I mean, I'm trying to tell you, it's not the knowledge, it's
the trains, the trip. A.A.: You will do as I say or you're going to the annex! (That
meant no diploma; they pass you out of school with a certificate) You are

History Of The Groove Healing Drummer

Author: Russell Buddy Helm
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1483576329
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wanted to be enraged; she had set me up, but I never really could show my anger
. My mother had made sure of that. My repressed emotions would come out at
some inappropriate time later on in my life. When I saw this repeated behavior
years later, I called it 'delayed stress'. She seduced my lead singer. I had no
control over her. She certainly had power over me. She gave me a ring she had
gotten in Iran where she had grown up as a 'State Department Brat”. She said it
would ...

The Drummer

Author: Burr B. Anderson
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1477297537
Size: 22.46 MB
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hope you will please call me Christie.” With a sincere smile on her face, Christie
extended her hand to Maureen. “Christie very nice to meet you, but please
excuse me, I am so nervous I am afraid I might pee my pants. I have a million
emotions going through me right now.” Christiejumped in, “Carol, why don't you
explain to Maureen why we wanted to meet her and why I am up from California?
” “As I explained on the phone, until last week, I spent six months dancing naked
at a joint ...

Drummer Girl

Author: Bridget Tyler
Publisher: Bonnier Publishing Fiction Ltd.
ISBN: 1848776942
Size: 64.10 MB
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back together with me. Everyone knows that. You can have what you wanted,
Harper. You can have me. All you have to do is say you were driving. That's all.” “
No, Rafe,” she said. “You might have been what I wanted, but not any more.” “No!
” he shouted, stepping closer again. “You love me! I know you do!” “I did,” Harper
agreed. “I really did. But you never loved me, Rafe. Not really. Not the way you
were supposed to. But there are people who do love me, people I love, who need
me ...

Drummer S Luck

Author: Jon Bezayiff
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781469719733
Size: 48.58 MB
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stripped me on Tigress and threw me naked into a cage that kept me in but let big
rats come and go as they pleased! Bannatyne raised his hand as a gesture of
truce. Truly, I am sorry my boy, but you will get your new breeches as soon as
Mister. Jackson can finish his work. And Ossian, do not fret about paying for
anything. Consider yourself my ward for the present. As such, I'm responsible for
feeding and clothing you. Now, remain calm. You have naught to worry about
except putting ...

A Drummer S Story

Author: Warren Benbow
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1543910289
Size: 30.98 MB
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Finally, drummer/producer Ndugu Leon Chancler got me a gig with R&B/Blues
singer Esther Philips. But, the guitar thing never happened for me. One time, I, as
the guitarist, tried to show the drummer in the band what to play on a song and
the entire band said, almost in unison, “YOU'RE A DRUMMER.” I was always
trying to show the drummer what to play. Most drummers, after they sort of get the
drums under their belt, realize they have to start writing some songs. They have
to pick ...

The Drummer Boy

Author: Samuel J. Muscroft
Size: 55.74 MB
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[Raising the cross.] Colonel R — Mart, I am severely wounded ; we are both near
the grave ; let us forget the past. Have you water in your canteen? Mart H — Yes,
I have. Colonel R — Then, In the name of humanity, give me a drink. Mart H — In
the name of humanity, I do. Colonel R — Thank you, boy. If I live, I will repay your
kindness. Mart H — Yes, yes, Colonel ; how times have changed. An hour since
you would have killed me. Colonel R — There is a drummer boy here on my left.

The Drummer

Author: Joseph Addison
Size: 18.67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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I protest these fellows melt me—I think the time long till I am their master again,
that I may be kind to them. [Aside. Bnter V E L LUM. Wel. Have you provided the
doćtor every thing he has occasion for?—If so—you may depart. [Exeunt
Servants. Sir Geo. I can, as yet, see no hurt in my wife's behaviour; but still have
some certain pangs and doubts, that are natural to the heart of a fond man, “I
must take the advantage of my disguise, to be “ thoroughly satisfied. It would
neither be for her ...

Different Drummer

Author: Jann Parry
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 057127451X
Size: 52.69 MB
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My thanks must go, above all, to Deborah MacMillan for entrusting me with the
task of chronicling Kenneth's life. She has been incredibly patient over the years,
giving generously of her time and making no reservations about what I chose to
include or how I interpreted his character and his creations. She gave me access
to his personal papers, including his draft memoir and his diaries, which she had
never read. An inveterate hoarder, he had kept most of his correspondence (his
own ...