A Dictionary Of Post Classical Yemeni Arabic Alif Sh U

Author: Moshe Piamenta
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789004092617
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UL— baysan, *>l— *. ba.ysa.nch pi -at sack, bag RoA 234a, B.Z. Ms. 3285 p 7 1 -
9 Jt-- baysekal (Eng.) pi -at bicycle HAS 137 (uiu) II (intr) to become white RoA
196a, (im-Talh) B? 236, (of hair) JGJ 15; to lay eggs (an-Nadlr) BS 236. ... beda (
H/B) Sh. I. MaHCf, bsde (G/GY) Z. Simhi coll ... Construct forms: fU» iA- bayd -
eggs of pigeons, i.e. kind of whitish grapes W7Y 284 bottom, GrSW 1:237, <ABM
139, cf. kind of dates Dozy 1:134b; -VjJI ,>- children's game in N Yemen BDJENY

The Illustrated London News Chess

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1. BtoQ6th 2. KtoBZnd \Vhitc mates at once.) 1. 2. 8, to K R sq K movm Mate. Lls
Oli'l-'lClKRS m; L'ARCOLB.—Th0 Problems sent by you, though easy, are
extremely mg, and artistically composed. C. A. 8.- Please to repeat the
observations ... BLACK. 4// 4 ,—_—_— i /" //// . a4 /' /7/ '// I f',/ 4/1,; / 4 . . éé/AA/m v ,'
. '//Z'//////;: '7 WH 1TB. White to play, and mate in four moves. CHESS IN RUSSIA.
Well-fought game between Princc Dmsn'rnws Oonovssorr and Mr. Scuunorr. (
Giuoco Piano.) ...

The Journal Of Horticulture Cottage Gardener And Home Farmer

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The second cock, which we learn made his début here, was in some respects
better than the first. but it was a near run, and they are as ood two White birds as
we have seen for a long time. The rat-prize hen .... Id. 3. S. Woodgato. 8,W. AJ'
liuréiewOO'i am 1 Mrs. A. Tindal. 2, Rev. A. W. Wards. B and vise, Rev. B. ..'-.3 w .
finals Pooriua-Liglif.—Co¢k.—l. Mrs. A. Tindal. 2. P: 5511]" z; {mug 2 w Hem—l
and 8, Mrs. A. Tindal. B, P. Harness Durk.»Coqk.—l, . . . a Bot-mil“: Harvey. 8. J. 8.

A Pronouncing Dictionary Of The Spanish And English Languages

Author: Mariano Velazques de la Cadena
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CERA'STIO DE GRANADA, flwr-ad-teo day grah-nah'dah, am. Eliot.) White
mouse-ear chickweed. erastium tormentosum, L. CERA'TO, Mer-alt'-toe, am. (
Phann.) Ccrate, eerote. CERATU'F 1L0, CERATO'FILON, titer-abbve'fibo, t/ter-ah
~toe'fe-lone. em. (Bot.) Horn-wort, or pond-weed. CeruloiLl'iy'lilm, L CERBATA'N
A, t Jail-tankoh, . 1. Tube of wood or metal, through which pellets of clay are
blown by way of amusement. 2. Acoustic trum for the deaf. 8. Ancient culvenn of
small caliber.

The Illustrated London News

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For two or three hours previous to the time (half'~past four) named for starting,
every conveyance by land and water from London to l'utuey was crowded by
persons repairing to witness the contest. One steamer, the Childe ... Hys lefte
wryste was ystrypen wonnir fayre, Aboute hys cheekes hadde mochel hayne, Hys
hatte yglazen was at sydes and rymme, That drocken yemen shouide nat
bonnette hym. ... Mrs. Thimblebee's, at Turnham Green, was no ordinary
establishment. It was the ...

Sandgrouse To Cuckoos

Author: Josep del Hoyo
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Oiseau et RFO 34: 1-24. 1 12-135. Brosset, A. ( 1971 ). L" 'imprinting" chez les
eolumbides - etude des modifications comportementales au cours du
vieillissemem. Z Tterpsychol. 29: 279-300. Brosset, A. ( 1976a). La Vie dans la
Foret Equatoriule. ... Dove in California. Calif. Fish <S Game 48: 91-1 15.
Browning, M.R. ( 1978). An evaluation of the new species and subspecies
proposed in Oberholscfs Bird Life of Texas. Proc. Biol. Soc. Washington 91: 85-
122. Bruce, M.D. ( 1973).

Live Stock Journal

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Ages 6 toilyears, 1* to 17 hands. Prices irom £20. All are sold quiet and genuine
in evary way; reasonable trial to intmdlng permit-ere.— EFFICIENT liciAllEll'S
STEAM Pilllliililllfilililiili SUITABLE FOR ALL KINDS OF CROPS. SIMPLE Apply ...
T. E. l-'ounsss, Elms Iiarm, Stenn er Lane, Dldsbury. k _ AC KN EY OR SALE, the
H STALLION SUNDIAL lliATIIIASON 12923, Brown, 4 white Points, ioalsd 1912;
Sire Mathias 0473, Dam 16083 Norhury Caprice by Nerbury Lightning 7568, ...

Flora Zambesiaca

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C: South Luangwa National Park (Luangwa Valley Game Reserve South), 5 km
south of Lubi River, 610 m, 10. ii. 1967. ... Throughout tropical Africa and
southwards to South Africa and Namibia; also in tropical Arabia (Yemen). ...
Rliizomatous, mat-forming perennial; culms up to 30 cm tall, erect or geniculatelv
ascending, unbranched; basal leaf sheaths chartaceous to subcoriaceous,
glabrous, terete, persistent; leaf laminas 1-7 cm long, 1-1.5 mm in diameter, stiff,
green or somewhat ...