Catalog Of Copyright Entries Third Series

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MCFARLAND, C. K. Demand for dignity; Organized labor. Vaughn Co. 13 p.
history, no.5) o 26Jan'70; All 333. MCFARLAND, CHARLES KEITH. Roosevelt,
Lewis, and the New Deal, l955–1910. Fort Worth, Texas Christian University
Press. 152 p. (Texas Christian University monographs in history and culture, no.
7) Appl. States abridgment of copyrighted unpub. dissertation. © Texas Christian
University Press; 28Feb70; Al38335. the rise of Austin, Steck(A Miscellany of
Steck-Waughn ...

We The People

Author: Juan Williams
Publisher: Crown
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But Reuther died in a plane crash in 1970, leaving Meany unchallenged as the
guiding force of organized labor in America. After Reuther's death, no labor
leader challenged Meany, pushed him to speak out for the poor, or faulted his
lack of attention to organizing more workers. ... American Labor “Meany and
others in the AFL-CIO high command excoriated anti-war demonstrators, ignored
the rise of a new feminist sensibility, and ridiculed gay demands for dignity and
civil rights.

Corruption And Reform In The Teamsters Union

Author: David Scott Witwer
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
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It began with a desire for dignity. In 1905 the Teamsters of San Francisco opened
their organization's new constitution and bylaws with a "Declaration of Principles"
to explain their aims. Front and center among those principles was the stated
desire to "regulate our affairs as a union ... The union's third principle called for
members to demand "the right to be treated in a decent and respectable manner
by our employers at the same time being conscious of corresponding duties to

The Princeton Encyclopedia Of American Political History Two Volume Set

Author: Michael Kazin
Publisher: Princeton University Press
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The earliest labor parties organized during this era grew out of the eight-hour
movement of the late 1860s and clung to a vision of an America full of native-born
, independent, republican artisans. ... These local-level labor parties articulated
demands designed to protect the dignity of working-class life in the nation's
industrializing cities: they demanded public ownership for transit lines; relief for
the urban poor; public works programs to reduce unemployment; the
establishment of public ...

Encyclopedia Of U S Labor And Working Class History

Author: Eric Arnesen
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 0415968267
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Labor demands for good wages continue to be grounded in the idea that, even in
a modern economy, the value of goods and services should be reflective of the
labor that helped create the product. ... But even here, labor's claims rested less
on the labor theory of value than on the claim that justice demanded that workers
earn decent wages that would allow them to live with dignity. ... Chants
Democratic: New York City and the Rise of the American Working Class, 1788-

Human Rights Race And Resistance In Africa And The African Diaspora

Author: Toyin Falola
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
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... and they may have been more inclined toward collective action to demand
better working conditions. These competing aspirations and anxieties of veterans
of African descent and wealthy sugar barons ensured that the rise of organized
labor in the city of Cienfuegos during the American military occupation was a
contentious, even violent process. Indeed, the struggle to define the parameters
of power for laborers was inseparable from the debates and conflicts over the
racial order ...

The New York Teacher

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his plow, of the riveter high up on the _skyscraper, of the chef in the restaurant
kitchen; a dignity that comes from the consciousness that the work is worth doing
and is being done well.| This dignity of manual or technical proficiency demands
as a necessary corollary that the worker, as a person in relation to other persons,
have equal rights of respect, opportunity, and freedom. There can be little dignity
... coincided with the rise of the organized labor movement. Without his union the

Encyclopedia Of American Social Movements

Author: Immanuel Ness
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131747189X
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Although a smaller percentage of U.S. workers are in unions, many have
engaged in autonomous wildcat and unauthorized strike activity that challenged
the hegemony of U.S. business. The stillborn efforts to ... industrial workers. The
accords produced gains for members and nonmembers of unions by setting
industrial standards and demanding improved healthcare, education, and
government social programs that resulted in the rise of the public sector labor
movement in the 1960s.