Between The World And The Urban Classroom

Author: George Sirrakos Jr.
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 946351032X
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This is an important, forward-thinking, innovative book – a welcome addition to the field of urban education.” – H. Richard Milner IV, Helen Faison Chair of Urban Education, University of Pittsburgh

Success In The Urban Classroom

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The first chapter examines the problems created by a mismatch between the
language information structure (LIS) of the child and the language information
load (LIL) at which the class is being taught. Children's language use is
categorized into five levels, with level l identified as simple talk about objects and
events in the immediate environment and level 5 described as language to build
and evaluate internal verbal models of the world. The suggested teaching
structure applies ...

Teaching Music In The Urban Classroom

Author: Carol Frierson-Campbell
ISBN: 9781578864607
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These children are and will continue to be, well into the future, served by
teachers and other school authority figures of whom 88-90% are of a middle-
class White European background. The gulf between music educators, 94% of
whom are White, and urban students is even wider (U.S. Bureau of the Census,
1999). It is clear that U.S. teachers and many of their students lie in
geographically, ethnically, linguistically, and socioeconomically different worlds.
This poses one of urban ...

Theory And Educational Research

Author: Jean Anyon
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135854440
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My Job Using Theory Immersed in the stories of urban youth and the language of
high theory, my job has been to make the world of philosophy speak to the world
of the urban classroom; to make the urban classroom speak to the world of theory
. But theory can take on different valences in the context of research in urban
education. Gripped by the hands of those already convinced of their position,
theory is often used against those who lack voice or vocal opposition to federal
and ...

Critical Literacy And Urban Youth

Author: Ernest Morrell
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113559984X
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This chapter examines the critical teaching of English in secondary education
through the analysis of data collected through six years of instruction in an urban
classroom in northern California. I begin with an introduction to North High, the
site of these ... As a secondary English teacher, I was initially appalled by the
disconnect that existed between the students« out of school literacies and the
world of the literacy classroom. For example, the students« literate practices that
were part of ...

Peace Corps Fellows Enter The Urban Classroom

Author: Ruth Bombaugh
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Nicholas Burbules characterized dialogue as being open-ended and exploratory.
52 He treated dialogue as a communicative relationship between equals that
required emotional as well as cognitive involvement. ... about the belief that the
way the world appears to us is necessarily the way the world is.53 It is precisely
this quality of openness to the other's viewpoint and the idea of an interchange
between equals that distinguishes Burbules' idea of a dialogue from the famous
example ...

Urban Classroom Portraits

Author: Mary E. Bredemeier
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Inc
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teachers who make a difference Mary E. Bredemeier. beliefs make? Well, what
kinds of beliefs about human existence lead to actively trying to change the world
you live in, or to just putting up with a bad deal? What relationship do you see
between the key ideas of Buddhism and the parable of THE GOOD SAMARITAN
in the Bible? You don't know that parable? What's a parable, anyway? Who can
tell us the story of THE GOOD SAMARITAN?" In a comparison of Christianity,
Judaism, ...

Education Inputs In Uganda

Author: Harriet Nannyonjo
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 082137057X
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This was followed by analysis of variance (ANOVA) to establish the significance
of the differences in the level of availability of inputs between and within different
school locations and type of ownership. Further, the relationship between ...
Average class sizes in this study are large with numbers ranging from 53 pupils
for private schools, 75 pupils in Government-aided schools, 85 pupils in urban
schools, and 69 pupils in rural schools. Government-aided urban schools had the
highest ...

Teaching Social Studies In The Urban Classroom

Author: Thomas P. Weinland
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We seek exercises and material through which our pupils can learn wherein man
is distinctive in his adaptation to the world, and wherein there is a discernible
continuity between him and his animal forebears.2 Bruner, in developing Man: A
Course of Study, has presented these concepts in a manner that allows sixth-
grade students to understand. Information is presented via motion pictures, film
strips, photographs, records, and many different booklets with cartoonlike

Students Spontaneous Joking In An Urban Classroom

Author: Elizabeth Radin Simons
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... about not knowing an answer and about not having an academic world view.
On the surface Eben's and Peter's jokes are similar. They mildly mock Ms. K's
announcement about being absent. They are also a mild rebuke of school policy
which requires attendance. The underlying anxieties, however, are different.
Eben's joking, "No school for us, we're Jewish. Ain't no school for Baptists on
Tuesday," points up the religious, and thus Class differences between Ms. K and
the students.