A Japanese Memoir Of Sumatra 1945 1946

Author: Takao Fusayama
Publisher: Equinox Publishing
ISBN: 6028397199
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One of our chief reservations in publishing the memoir lay in the author's description of it as a "documentary novel," but we discovered that the "fictions" in the narrative relate mainly to Dr. Fusayama's dramatization of the action by ...

Bijdragen Tot De Taal Land En Volkenkunde

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Takao Fusayama, A Japanese Memoir of Sumatra 1945- 1946; Love and Hatred
in the Liberation War. Ithaca: Cornell University (Cornell Modern Indonesia
Project Monograph Series 71), 1993, 151 pp., maps, illustrations. ISBN 0.87763.
037.2. Price: US$ 12.-. W.G.J. REMMELINK Personal histories (jibun-shi), usually
published privately at the end of one's professional life - nowadays even in the
form of videos - are a feature of modern Japan. To a large extent, Japanese
memoirs of ...

The British Occupation Of Indonesia 1945 1946

Author: Richard McMillan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134254288
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Introduction. 1 For a history of the Dutch presence in Indonesia, see M. C.
Ricklefs, A History of Modern Indonesia (London: Macmillan, 1981). For a
strongly pro-Dutch view of the Dutch presence in Indonesia, see P. S. Gerbrandy,
Indonesia (London, 1950). 2 For life in the internee camps, see the unpublished
memoir by Mrs T. Ellis, 'Hear No Evil...: Childhood Experiences in Captivity and
their Lessons in Life', in the Imperial War Museum, London. See also Ernest
Hillen, The Way of a ...


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Thomas R. Leinbach University of Kentucky A Japanese Memoir of Sumatra,
1945-1946: Love and Hatred in the Liberation War, by Takao Fusayama.
Monograph no. 71 . Ithaca: Cornell Modern Indonesia Project, Cornell University,
1993. 150pp. $12.00, paper. The island-hopping strategy of the Allies left
thousands of Japanese troops stranded in Southeast Asia following the sudden
ending of the Pacific War in August 1945. Most were still fully armed and
undefeated in battle.

Review Of Indonesian And Malaysian Affairs

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Bruce Missingham Graduate Program in Southeast Asian Studies The Australian
National University Takao Fusayama, A Japanese Memoir of Sumatra 1945-1946
: Love and Hatred in the Liberation War. New York: Cornell University Press (
Cornell Modern Indonesia Project, Monograph Series, No. 71), 1993. Pp. 151.
Illustrations, map. ISBN 0-87763-037-2. US$12.00. Reading Takao Fusayama's
memoir brings back for the reviewer many childhood memories of the three and a
half ...


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... daß die Besatzungszeit eine psychologische, soziale und politische
Transformation in Malaya hervorrief, die ein politisches backwater in einen
maelstrom verwandelte. Dennoch haben die politisierten malaiischen Jugcnd- M.
van Langenberg, North Sumatra 1942-45: The Onset of a National Revolution,
ibidem, pp. 33-64. Takao Fusayama, A Japanese Memoir of Sumatra 1945/46:
Love and tlatred in the Lioeration War, Ithaca / N.Y. 1993. Yoji Akashi, The
Japanese Occupation of ...

The Transnational Unconscious

Author: Joy Damousi
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 9780230516779
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Takao Fusayama, a Japanese officer in Medan in October, 1945, made a similar
observation; he noted that a nationalist leader, while addressing an audience,
held "his right hand high like Adolf Hitler, the German dictator," In A Japanese
Memoir of Sumatra 1945-1946: Love and Hatred in the Liberation War (Ithaca:
Cornell University Southeast Asia Publications, 1993), p. 18. 50. Benedict R. O'G
Anderson, "The Language of Indonesian Politics," in Language and Power.
Exploring ...

The Journal Of Asian Studies

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A japanese Memoir of Sumatra. 1945-1946." Love and Hatred in the Liberation
War. Ithaca: Modern Indonesia Project Monograph No. 71, Cornell University,
1993. 151 pp. $12.00 (paper). HICKS, George L., ed. Overseas Chinese
Remittances from Southeast Asia, 1910-1940. Singapore: Select Books, 1993. xli
, 372 pp. $79.90. HOWES, Craig. Voices of the Vietnam POWs.' Witnesses to
Their Fight. New York: Oxford University Press, 1993. 290 pp. HOYT, Sarnia
Hayes. Old Malacca.

White Book On The 1992 General Election In Indonesia

Author: Badan Perlindungan Hak-Hak Politik Rakyat Dalam Menghadapi Pemilihan Umum 1992 (Indonesia)
Publisher: Cornell Univ Modern Indonesia
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$8.00. Number 69 The Road to Madiun: The Indonesian Communist Uprising of
1948, Elizabeth Ann Swift. 1989. 120 pp. ISBN 0-87763-035-6. $9.00. Number 70
East Kalimantan: The Decline of a Commercial Aristocracy, Burhan Magenda.
1991. 120 pp ISBN 0-87763-036-4. $11.00. Number 71 A Japanese Memoir of
Sumatra, 1945-1946: Love and Hatred in the Liberation War, Takao Fusayama.
1993. 150 pp. ISBN 0-87763-037-2. $12.00. Number 72 Popular Indonesian
Literature ...

The Year Of Voting Frequently

Author: Margaret J. Kartomi
Publisher: Monash University Press
Size: 20.70 MB
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Frederick, W 1982, 'Rhoma Irama and the dangdut style: aspects of contemporary
Indonesian popular culture', Indonesia 34. Fusayama, Takao \992>,A Japanese
memoir of Sumatra 1945-1946: loveand hatred in the Liberation War, Cornell
University Press, Ithaca. Gatra 2004, TCekuatan politik sang idola', 3 July. Hadiz,
Vedi R 2004, 'The rise of neo-Third Worldism? The Indonesian trajectory and the
consolidation of illiberal democracy', Third World Quarterly 25(1). Harik, Judith ...