Congressional Record

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If your call is disconnected, you are disoriented, or do not know your location, this
information can make all the difference in securing your safety. ... So as
technology advanced and wireless phones grew in popularity, we worked to
apply E911 principles to wireless service. ... remains today, as the influence of
gospel music can be found infused in all forms of secular music, including rock
and roll, country, ...

The Gandy Dancer And Other Short Stories

Author: B. D. Sparhawk
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
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If they got to butting heads in the stalls at the far side of my bathroom, everything
crashed off my walls. The barn's ... So, I set the first one aside, and wrote a love
story about a Louisiana wildcatter I'd met in Coney Island twenty years ago,
instead. ... But, three weeks later, 911 happened to my old hometown, and
Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC, and my beloved America. ... My barn had
turned into a trendy spot for lessons, visits, grooming, cell phones, trucks, trailers,
and rock'n'roll.

Amiri Baraka And Edward Dorn

Author: Claudia Moreno Pisano
Publisher: UNM Press
ISBN: 0826353924
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What we miss in Dorn is an actual gladiator poet at the very top of the number. ...
the suspiciously oily Texas smell of 911 and the non hunt for Bin Laden has led
instead to Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, with sights ... So that while the
New American Poetry, The Black Arts Movement tried to roll the stone of
American art culture democracy and equality up the mountain of would be
American dream, the rock has been rolled back down Sisyphus style so that like
Lenin poets like ...

The Canadian Patent Office Record And Register Of Copyrights And Trade Marks

Author: Canada. Patent Office
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... with vertical lugs, a roll shaft journulled in said base, un 111111 hin 911 or
pivoted at one end ш said lugs, and n. roll shaft journal ed in said arm, whereby
said arm ma ' be swun upward so that an object ma ' be inserted or reniov
between t le rolls, sublitantially 115 set fort 1. .... In ashclli the mnibinaticn, with
the casing, of an explosive carrier within {Mld disconnected therefrom, and
normally~ in 'iivotal ...

Popular Mechanics Magazine

Author: Henry Haven Windsor
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-:_l'.r/ \ '\ H 'N 51 'i '-1 \< \ \ '" .72" order from your new I936 ALLIED Catalog you ...
so carry n roll always. l0c at All druggists'. ... FILTLR O40KL'*~ 59EAKLR FIELD _
“ - - ' uit sents a typical rectifier and filteg 01!; to The positive terminal of the con
911$ _ . . ' i be tested 1S disconnected from the cirflll at point X. v POLAR!

Canadian Patent Office Record

Author: Canada. Patent Office
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Clan”/n.—-lst. ln 8- finishing roll or cylinder, two series of oppositely and helically
arranged discoiinected_ main bla(_l68, f\l“1t_t111l¥ 5" ... adapted to engage the
trip Incclianisiii so as to cut off the supply of water and open the exhaust when a
ccrtiiiii height is reached, and to cut ... In printers' fiirnitiire, an iingular CO1'l1SI_' l
"';fi']'gv,a,. sistiiig of body portion provided with_ oppoi-iitely Q'--'W911 H130 ) _i,,.

The Autocar

Author: Henry Sturmey
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When cornering, a car •s — in effect that means that the wheels n the ... When an
anti-roll bar is fitted, depend- g on how much the cross-wise length of the twists,
as the outside suspension is com- ... Since the inside wheel's down- movement is
therefore limited, the car □sn't roll so much as it would without an bar. ... a
remarkable number of Jaguar-owning readers of Disconnected Jottings
supported us when we publicly asked Jaguar ... 371 1968 Porsche 911L PRICES
Car for sale at.

The Revised Reports

Author: Sir Frederick Pollock
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101_10s; s. o. 4 Jur. N. s. 703; ew. B. am.) 1858. July 34). Trustees of a charity
were disqualified on "departing the United R911, gw,-¢_ ... immediately upon his
departure, be and be considered as thereby discharged and disconnected from
the trusts and duties ... 64 L. T. 211' ; In re Earl of Stamford, Ro1|n.r.v, M.R. [101] [
H02] In re Tun MORAVIAN SOCIETY. ['103] 1858. June -l. Roll: von. 010111.]